Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been thinking about this blog a lot. For years I've been thinking about resurrecting it (the ornaments in the post before this were from Christmas 2010!), but was having a hard time pinpointing what I wanted it to be. Do I want to archive all my old posts and start fresh? Do I want it to be knitting-centric, or just generally creative and about day-to-day happenings? Does anyone still happen by here occasionally (stats say yes!). I got stuck on if I wanted to update the template, move to a dedicated URL, renew my Flickr Pro account, reformat some of the older posts... it was easy to put off making decisions!

I've decided to just stop over-thinking, plough forward and start documenting whatever strikes my fancy, and what this blog will become (or remain) will come about naturally. I'm not sure I want to focus on any single thing, but you can be sure to see posts about knitting, cooking/food, general DIY-ness, fun internet finds, and more than likely, some cats. Maybe some rock n' roll. And some posts about where I  live in NC.

Hope you'll stick around :)

xo lekkercraft