Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Newspaper yarn (+ Tutorial)

I think this made some of the internet rounds sometime last year, but it's popping up again. Handspun recycled newspaper yarn by Dutch artist (yay!) Greetje van Tiem. Personally, I like how it looks just on the spools there. Check out the tutorial on Greenupgrader.

Thanks to Whip Up for the reminder!


  1. How awesome! I looked and saw one etsy seller who had some. It was understandably pricey. I'm tempted to pick it up if I think of what to do with such a small amt

  2. It looks amazing as on the spool, and even better knitted up. Exciting.

  3. I remeber seeing this and thinking it was an amazing idea, and immediately thought of knitting a little shower mat out of it. Then I realized what happenes to newspaper when it gets wet... I wonder if that would happen to this stuff, too?

    Still- very cool idea!

    - Julie

  4. thanks for writing!

    soknitpicky - one of the comments on that site also said they tried it with wrapping paper. Not a bad idea! I was thinking maybe it could be knit/crocheted into some sort of tree ornament or something...

    Julie - I would imagine it doesn't hold up well, unless maybe you treated it with something?

  5. oh, but the spools are so beautiful!
    This could make an interesting 'subversive' piece.