Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Frogged (again!)

I had to frog the Drops cardigan I was working on. After messing up a button hole, I had to frog back a couple of rows, at which time I realized that the thing was 50" wide. And I'm not. I love positive ease, but that 's a bit much for me. Adventures in gauge-land, once again!

This is my second time frogging a project with this yarn. I like it in therory, but it's bad chemistry--just like my dating life (ha! sorry...).
Bye bye Drops 105-5. It was good while it lasted...


  1. Oh no! Doesn't gauge suck?! And dating?! At least the color is pretty.

  2. What a nightmare! Frogging anything always puts me in a knitting funk. The yarn looks so lovely too!

  3. oh, so huge! that's too bad about the cardi, but at least you are frogging it- maybe the yarn is holding out for the project it's really meant for-a metaphor for dating, perhaps? ; )

    - Julie

  4. Katie - I seem to have issues w. gauge even after swatching, though I think this one is my fault! I can't remember if I did or if I just pretended like I knew what I was doing, heh.

    i&i - It's a pain, but it taught me a lesson (like I needed another one!?!). The yarn is Misti Alpaca Cotton/Silk. Lovely stuff.

    Julie - i think you are right on!