Monday, August 04, 2008

FO :: Jaywalker Socks

Well, I have to say that this was the most anti-climactic end to a knitting project if ever there was one. I started these for Soctoberfest 2007, and only just finished them this week. I thought I'd be thrilled to be done, but well, I just don't think they're cute.

When I started these socks, I was cat-sitting for a bunch of wool-eating cats, though at the time I didn't realize just what that meant, exactly. I turned my attention away for one moment, and my ball of Trekking XXL went missing, hijacked by Bart, the most wool-eating cat of all. I was able to rescue most of the yarn, but a few yards were tangled and unsalvageable, but I thought I'd still have plenty of yarn to finish.

As I neared the foot of the second sock, I realized that I was going to run out about halfway through the foot, so figured of I unravelled the toes of the first sock, so I could continue striping , and then use a different yarn on the toes for both. In the meantime I was sidetracked by other projects, but finally went back to them about a week ago.

It's a patchy job. You can see how they match until the middle of the feet, and then have different striping patterns. Then, after I finally kitchnered off my second toe and tried them on, only to find that my gauge is visually very different between the two socks! So no photos of them on because that looks even worse. Maybe after a few wears and a few trips through the washer they'll even out. And if not, mostly people will only see the cutest part anyway:


  1. That sucks that after all that effort, they weren't quite what you hoped for! So disappointing. I still think that colourway reminds me of neopolatian ice cream, though. : )

    - julie

  2. I hate it when things don't turn out quite as great as you planned. But I agree with Julie, the color does look yummy!