Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I am a week into a 2-week house-sitting stint. Last weekend I was happily working on my Drops jacket until I came to the band at the bust line where I have to switch back down to US 4 needles, which I hadn't brought along with me. So off I trek back home to pick up my Options set. I got back to the project and opened the set and lo! The number 4s were missing from it. Of course I hadn't checked first. I couldn't imagine what I had used them for, until I remembered that I took them to Ireland to use for the Lace Ribbon Scarf (project = fail, btw. Wasn't a fan of the yarn).

Instead of returning to my apartment, I decided to switch over to the other project I brought along -- my lapsed Monkey Sock. I've now FINALLY finished the first one. I'm heading to Philadelphia this weekend by train, so that should give ample time to start on the second one. I'm not sure if I just am not that into knitting socks or what, but they always take me forever to complete a pair.

On another note, I just traded in a very generous gift certificate from my friend Chris for Schoolhouse Press. Lucky girl me, I ordered the Barbara Walker's, and they just came yesterday!

They're really fantastic, and I'm sure they're going to be indispensable for as long as I knit. My only minor wish is for an updated palette of colors for the covers, so they looked more handsome as a collection on my shelves -- picky of me, no?

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  1. drool. I've been lazy about commenting lately, but, srsly, drool.