Thursday, March 20, 2008

say something :: knit dresses

Last week the Craft Magazine blog posted this photo of Lisa Anne Auerbach’s cool St. Patrick’s day Obama dress and I had to check out more. I have to say I was interested in seeing the possibilities of what a knitting machine can do (If all goes well I'll have the opportunity to try one out in the near future - although these are done on a computerized machine), but I found Lisa’s work to be really interesting, not to mention visually impressive. I like that she models her statements herself.Click the photo to go through to her blog and see more of her work. And here are more dresses from a 2007 exhibition (lots of neat pieces these photos).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FO :: Twiggy Bobble Hat

Whoops! I posted my Twiggy Bobble hat for Thing-a-day and never cross-posted it here. I wanted to get a better photo of it flat, which I only remembered to do last week.

Twiggy Bobble Hat
I don't think I would have made this hat before I saw this photo. I liked how Sandra's was a bit floppy and relaxed without being hippie. Mine stretched out a bit when I blocked it, and although I still wear it, it's a bit loose. I'm considering weaving in some thin elastic to the ribbing if I can figure out how to do it.
Twiggy Bobble Hat (Closeup)
I had some trouble with ladders in the round, which haven't worked themselves out yet. I don't usually have such a problem with them, even when using magic loop. I had hoped they would disappear with some blocking and some wear, but they're still pretty obvious. I managed to hide them in the photos, and since I can't see my head when I wear it, I can do a pretty good job at ignoring them...

Finally a hat I actually like on me. I am soooo not a hat person!
Twiggy Bobble Hat
Project Details:
Pattern: Twiggy Bobble Hat from Making Things (free pattern)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca (yay!) Sport in 505 Natural Taupe
Completed: Feb. 2008
Modifications: None