Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blocking Drops

The ubiquitous Drops jacket is almost finished drying. I still have to block the sleeves, but in the meantime I will seam the sides and knit the neck. Crossing fingers for an FO post later this week.


  1. when the pattern for the back tells you to "when the piece measures 5 cm cast off 1 st each side on every 3 1/2 cm" do they mean at either END of the same row? or at the beginning of one row, then the beginning of the next row?

    i find the instructions very confusing.

  2. Karl lagerfeld, esquire - In this instance, I did my decreases 2 stitches in from the end of the rows, so at one end I did a k2tog and the other a ssk. For shaping, I like to do it this way. BUT, it would work fine to do it as you say too - to do a cast off at the beginning of the first row, and then at the beginning of the next row. I have a tough time with seaming, so I try to keep the sides smooth if possible. A lot of people don't have that same difficulty as do, though.

    When it comes to something like casting off for armholes, definitely using a cast off at the beginning of each row is the way to go. I think here in the body, since it is the shaping to make the swingy shape of the body, you can do it whichever way you're more comfortable with.

    Sorry for not being able to reply to you directly - there's some blogger setting that blocks your email address. I'm happy to help out more if any of this doesn't make any sense.

    Good luck!!

  3. whoops! reverse that, I wrote it wrong - I did a ssk on one side and a k2tog on the other.

  4. Wow, so impressive! It's coming out beautifully. No tips from me - I'm an amateur heh :)

  5. Can't wait to see this one finished - I keep stalkign that pattern on Ravelry trying to figure out what yarn i want to use to knit it...