Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drops Spring/Summer '08

The Drops Spring/Summer '08 patterns are up, and I thought I'd post my favorites. I always like looking back on some of the things that caught my eye in an issue, even though there are never enough hours in the day to knit everything that I wish I could. Some comments, clockwise from top left:
Pattern Z-322: I think this would be nice in the spring when it isn't too hot yet.
Pattern EE-083: These are cute and look quick and fun, but I think they'd feel pretty obnoxious to wear.
Pattern L-087: Oh, but how I love thee, simple, uncluttered stitch pattern!
Pattern W- 359: I love the simple construction and the garter stitch yoke. Not to mention that shoulder buttons rule!
Pattern Z-319: I might like this better just as a photo or on someone else, though the flare looks like it could be flattering on a lot of different body types. Maybe it would actually give me some curves. Plus, it looks fun to knit. I wonder how it would look in just a single color...
Pattern Z-321: This could be a great sweater for the office to ward of the evil central air freezer burn.

The spring/summer designs don't seem to have many links to the patterns yet, but a note on the site states that Drops will be adding them slowly through the month of January. Better not tempt me too much anyways, I'm still working on that darn jacket from last fall! I

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  1. I like the socks. Lace socks never seem all that practical but they're so pretty I can't resist!