Friday, December 21, 2007

holiday homemade

Homemade candies for the people in my department.

I made two kinds of candy that are seriously, the easiest candies you could make. There's a layered mint fudge (like Andes mints but richer) and some peanut butter squares (like Reeses, but in bar form instead of cups, although it would be easy to alter the recipe and maybe do them in muffin tins) and put them together in little cellophane bags with some labels printed on card stock. The hardest part was just sourcing out some FDA-approved baggies to keep the food safe. I finally found some at Jam Paper.

I hope people at the office enjoyed them.


  1. Yum! Wish I were in your office :-) Thanks for the recipe links

  2. Mmmm! Those look delicious! Your coworkers sure are lucky!
    - Julie

  3. Yummy, wish I had some right now!