Sunday, November 18, 2007

FO :: Cavern

A long time in the finishing... those closures get me every time. Sweater languishing for months as I procrastinate on figuring out the little details. I played around with the idea of inserting a buttonhole, or crocheting in some ties, but they all seemed to pull too much. For the moment, though I'm not sure this will be the ultimate solution, I've used my new-found fandom of snaps to get this to a photo-ready stage.

Cavern Cardigan

This grew quite a bit with the wet-blocking I did, and I'm glad. I usually resort to steam blocking, but now I do declare myself a fan of the wet block. It softens up the fabric so much.

Cavern Cardigan

My only concern is the wide neckline. The sweater feels like it's going to fall off of my shoulders, but that would probably be fixed just by wearing a crew neck underneath.

Cavern Cardigan

Project Details:
Pattern: Cavern Cardigan. Free pattern from Cosmicpluto.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Tweed in Persimmon.
Completed: Nov. 2007

Don't Stop Believin'

I have a finished object to post but I'm waiting on the batteries for my camera to charge so I can get the photos off of them. In the meantime, I will distract you with photos of Japanese condom packaging.

Sanrio is a trusted name in birth control?

Hilarity ensued this weekend when we found the karaoke channel on cable TV. Free karaoke any time of the day or night! What could be better?

Michelle's neighbors now love us. A lot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

FO :: Pie

A very overdue FO:


It only took me 2 months to buy snaps to finish up this little baby sweater. I had tried a number of different closures for this but nothing was really looking right. Ties were wonky and button closures didn't seem like they would stay closed. Until yesterday, snaps were a mystery, but once I found the package and learned how easy they are to sew in, I couldn't believe I waited so long. They're a snap (sorry!) to add. From now on, I'll be the one adding snaps to everything. I bought the snaps from Brooklyn General yesterday (an really great store, by the way).


The little flower details were a little decoration I bought from Piece Goods (do they even still exist? Maybe they were just in the south?) waaaaay back in say, 1994 or so. I've been hoarding them not really knowing what to do with them -- they were for a quilt project I did at my high school. So I needed a little something to make this sweater a little bit more special so it seemed to be a perfect match. And even though I try to avoid it, a sweater for a newborn baby girl is one good reason to go a bit precious, no?


Project Details:

Pattern: Pie (free from Berroco)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Blush & Putty
Completed: Nov. 2007
For: Baby Maggie G

Saturday, November 10, 2007

norah gaughan :: has a blog

I just signed up for the KnitBits email newsletter from Berroco, where, as most probably know, Norah Gaughan is now the design director. I love Norah's designs. I think they are really innovative and creative, and I love how they are inspired by nature and science--very unique!

In yesterday's email, I caught a note about a new(ish) blog though Berroco from Norah herself! It's notes on the design process and what goes on in the studio and in Norah's knitting life. There is some time lapses between the entries, but to me, any insight into the creative process is always welcome, especially from someone like Ms. Gaughan.

Monday, November 05, 2007

twinkle/anthro :: some photos

Last week was the last of the Knitting in the City nights held by Twinkle at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie. Over the last couple of months, I assisted at three of them, and had a nice time helping out and meeting some other knitters (I don’t know too many). I finally shot a couple photos.

A view from above as people start settling in. All of those seats were filled up (plus lots more).


Beginner’s section. Anthropologie is a pretty store, isn’t it? I always see some beautiful decorating ideas there (many of which seem to involve recycling, too).


Me, Ivette, and Anne – all of us a little exhausted. Anne and I have on Twinkle tops from matching fabric. Behind me, and on Ivette’s lap are the bags that they gave to all of the knitters, containing needles, a hank of the Twinkle Soft Chunky and catalogs. Yay schwag!


I believe Wenlan will be doing a book signing on November 29th at the same Anthro, but I’m not sure if (or what type of) a knitting event will be happening the same night.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

::Heartfelt ::

I love looking at the new collection on Kim Hargreaves' site. Heartfelt features 21 gorgeous knit pieces that are romantic and classic, with a modern flair. The photo styling is simply gorgeous, with all the samples knit in neutral tones (but why's the model so sad?). I've found myself returning to the site everyday, because every day something new catches my eye there.

Kits are available for most projects, in which you can order the yarn and buttons when you order the book (you have to order the book separately), and the yarns are from Rowan. Unfortunately, the book is only available through mailorder on her website, making it a pretty pricey investment. I have enough projects lined up for awhile, so I think I'm going to wait and keep my eyes out for a stateside publication. If that doesn't happen in the next half year or so, I might just take the plunge.

Click through to take a peak at Kim Hargreaves new pattern book, Heartfelt - the Dark House Collection.