Thursday, October 04, 2007

simply green

I've really been enjoying perusing Danny Seo's blog, Simply Green. Danny is a designer and author who has written a number of books on living (designing/ decorating/ entertaining) green, and provides almost daily updates via his blog, of things he's seen, projects he's working on, tips on clever re-purposing... all done with class and style. I'm getting a ton of great ideas.

Here's one that caught my eye; Re-claiming old sweaters and using them to reupholster dining room chairs. I love how the sweaters unify the set without making them too matchy-matchy.

Image from Simply Green.


  1. I have one of his books, but I didn't know he had a blog! how great! thanks for sharing ;)

    This idea of old sweaters is quite brilliant - I really like it.

  2. That is such a wonderful idea! I need to go stalk that blog now.

  3. Very cool idea! I actually have some dining room chairs I've been meaning to recover for years now... I'm so going to see if I can do this. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. That is a cool idea, but I think in my climate, I'd be using cotton sweaters - wool would be too itchy and irritable for most of the year.

  5. thankyou for posting this1 how inspiring! I've posted on ithis in my blog and will hopefully send more pople your way! and Danny Seo's way too!