Friday, October 12, 2007

le sigh...

Last week I decided to re-do the neckline on my Twinkle Shopping Tunic. I liked how it looked originally, but everytime I put it on, the bulky cowl just felt very much in the way. I work all day on the computer, looking down to enter in edits or content, and I could tell it would start to get annoying and feel a bit claustrophobic.

I decided to rip down to the armpits and re-knit, using the basic shaping of the sweater dress on the front of the book, the Groovy Sweater, but without the bobbles.

Shopping Tunic re-do

I'm not much of a fan of how it looks now. It's just not working out. I think I took something that was ok and made it worse. I'm going to let it stay as is for a little bit, but I think I might reclaim the yarn for a different piece out of the Twinkle book.

My dislike has nothing to do with the pattern. I still think I should probably have gone up one size. Not to mention I think it would do well in a softer yarn than the Cascade Magnum that I substituted for the Soft Chunky (Soft Chunky had just been released when I was shopping for yarn for this sweater and was hard to find).


  1. wait - what is it that you don't like? I think it looks very cute!