Wednesday, October 31, 2007

everybody's doing it

The beginning of my Drops Jacket. It's turned into quite a popular pattern (116 projects on Ravelry!). I'm only about halfway done with the back.

I'm actually liking the Knit Picks Bulky WOTA quite a bit. It's making a light, soft fabric that I believe will be quite warm for the winter months.

I'm anticipating slow progress on this (and on the second Socktoberfest sock) for the next little while, as I'm switching attention over to do some test knitting. This will be my first foray into doing pattern testing, but I think that it will be a good challenge for me to really pay attention and not let little things slip by -- something I really should be doing with my own knitting, but tend to be pretty loose with.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Photo Today

RedHookFairway, originally uploaded by lekkercraft.

I'm trying to take more photos of things that strike me during the week. This here's the building that houses the Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


playing around with my feeds, so funny things might be happening around here for a bit...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

le sigh...

Last week I decided to re-do the neckline on my Twinkle Shopping Tunic. I liked how it looked originally, but everytime I put it on, the bulky cowl just felt very much in the way. I work all day on the computer, looking down to enter in edits or content, and I could tell it would start to get annoying and feel a bit claustrophobic.

I decided to rip down to the armpits and re-knit, using the basic shaping of the sweater dress on the front of the book, the Groovy Sweater, but without the bobbles.

Shopping Tunic re-do

I'm not much of a fan of how it looks now. It's just not working out. I think I took something that was ok and made it worse. I'm going to let it stay as is for a little bit, but I think I might reclaim the yarn for a different piece out of the Twinkle book.

My dislike has nothing to do with the pattern. I still think I should probably have gone up one size. Not to mention I think it would do well in a softer yarn than the Cascade Magnum that I substituted for the Soft Chunky (Soft Chunky had just been released when I was shopping for yarn for this sweater and was hard to find).

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

first pair

Jaywalker 1

I might be a little late to the party, but this here is the start on my first pair of Jaywalkers. I was doubtful of how it would look with the self-patterning (like this jacquard-ish) yarn , but so far I'm liking the outcome!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekend Knits

Heads up, Twinkle-lovers! Come February, there will be a new book from Wenlan Chia; Twinkle's Weekend Knits: 20 Fast Designs for Fun Getaways.

From the Random House/Crown Publishing website:

About This Book

Following her first book, Twinkle’s Big City Knits, Wenlan Chia brings devotees and new fans more fabulous Twinkle designs to create at home (at a fraction of the price you’d pay for them in stores like Barneys, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s). Known for transforming bold, chunky yarns into delicate, body-shaping pieces, Wenlan Chia again shares her signature style; this time in 20 inspired patterns that are perfect for weekend knitting and for wearing any time.

Start the weekend with Friday night out with friends as you Twinkle through the night. The Nightfall Cropped Top is knit with lush silk and cotton yarn, while the Wisteria Scarf creates drama with its cascading clusters of blossom stitches.

Saturday is the day for fun–hiking, shopping, or just going for a stroll. Capture this feeling with the lively, sporty fashions in the Fun Alfresco chapter, including the Oceania Sweater, a vintage-inspired pullover with a built-in iPod pocket, or the Snowdrop Hat & Peony Scarf, the perfect set for a day on the slopes.

Take a moment to recharge on Sunday, the last night away, with more relaxed, simple knits. From the Meridian Tunic Dress, perfect with jeans and sandals, to the Cloudburst Cardigan, a ruffled knit that easily slips on over a dress, the patterns in this chapter are casual and comfortable.

For those starting their very first sweater to experienced knitters looking for new tips and techniques to enhance designs they’ve already mastered, this beautifully illustrated book offers many weekends’ worth of knitting pleasure and fabulous, one-of-a-kind Twinkle wares.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

simply green

I've really been enjoying perusing Danny Seo's blog, Simply Green. Danny is a designer and author who has written a number of books on living (designing/ decorating/ entertaining) green, and provides almost daily updates via his blog, of things he's seen, projects he's working on, tips on clever re-purposing... all done with class and style. I'm getting a ton of great ideas.

Here's one that caught my eye; Re-claiming old sweaters and using them to reupholster dining room chairs. I love how the sweaters unify the set without making them too matchy-matchy.

Image from Simply Green.

Monday, October 01, 2007

project update

I had to order a couple of sets of the Knitpicks needles for some magic loop sock knitting, so I ordered enough yarn for a couple of projects in order to hit the minimum for the free shipping. Here are the projects that I'm either getting ready to start, finish, or am working on...

This Main Line will become Flair, by Wendy Bernard.

Knit Picks Main Line - Chocolate

This bulky Wool of the Andes is slated to become the Drops Design cardigan/jacket. I’m not 100% positive this will be the yarn I ultimately want to use, but I’ll swatch it up to see how it acts/feels/looks.

Knit Picks WOTA - Pewter

I have pulled some Trekking (XXL) out of my stash to try out the Universal toe-up socks pattern from Knitty for Soctoberfest.

I still have to block Cavern.

I just need to figure out the closure for Pie. Or figure out how to add snaps. Then it will be ready to be gifted.

I’ve also ripped out the top 1/3 of my finished Shopping Tunic. I’ve decided to rig up an alternate neckline based cover sweater from the same book, because every time I try to wear it to work I end up forgoing it for something else. Even though I like the way it looks as is, I always feel like the big cowl is going to get annoying while sitting at the computer all day.

And speaking of Twinkle, I had a great time volunteering at the Twinkle event at Anthropologie last week – "Knitting in the City." I had a chance to meet Anne and Ivette (from Another Shopgirl and Knotology, respectively), who are the first knitbloggers I’ve ever personally met and are both really great. I think we all had a pretty good time. Unfortunately I forgot to shoot any photos of us in our Twinkle outfits (that we got to keep in exchange for volunteering – not a bad deal!) or of the rest of the night. I think I’d really like to do another one of these in the future, so hopefully will be more prepared next time, especially being a bit more confident in knowing what to expect.