Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall '07 Knitty Favorites

1. Neiman
2. Tussie Mussie
3. Percy


  1. I am loving Neiman too - so nice!

  2. I was underwhelmed by the Fall Knitty... Am I the only one who thinks that Neiman needs some shaping? And some attentiveness when switching from single color to colorwork so that the yoke doesn't puker? *grumble*

  3. Aw, Veronique i see what you're saying. I actually like the shape of it, the sleeves w. the wide neckline, and the color combination. I probably should have mentioned that I didn't add anything from this issue to my must-knit-now list... it's so long already and I'm very behind!

  4. I can't figure out if I like the design of Neiman or just the interesting way she shot the pics!