Wednesday, August 01, 2007

L.E.S. Destructo!

I came home from work yesterday to find this on my street near my apartment:


Half of the block had been turned into a destruction scene for a movie filming.

filming orchard st, nyc

I couldn't find the title on IMDb (the production reservation signs said "Cheese"). My roommate thinks it will be this.

filming nyc

When I left for work this morning, all of the wreckage had been cleared and there was no sign that anything was ever there.

It's kind of fun to see these things. There have actually been a bunch of filmings nearby. In the past few days I've walked by at least four different productions. This one, though, was the most interesting with all the chaos. Though it didn't quite live up to the Bollywood movie from last fall. Loudest. Music. Ever.


  1. Bollywood movie?! Oh, that must've been fun!
    Your roommate is right by the way. I read about the JJ Abrams movie shoot on gothamist.

  2. ok that's very cool... especially that it was all completey gone by the next morning!

  3. They were shooting scenes from the newest Bourne Identity movie a few months ago across the street from my job. I'm not even into those movies but now I want to see it just so I can recognize the scene!

  4. That totally could be that new JJ Abrams movie... "Cloverfield" or "Monstrous," I've heard it called both. Looks cool - have you watched the trailer?

  5. lisa, i think you're right. I just saw the trailer for it and it seems to have the right sort of setting.

  6. For a second I thought that was from the tornado/storm Wed morning. Awesome.

  7. Ha, that is awesome! I would have had a mini-panic attack until I found out what it is.


    I agree with your roommate.