Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more cavern

cavern in progress

The Cavern Cardigan is going strong. I'm all done with the shaping and now it's straight stockinette stitch until it's long enough. Oh, and sleeves. The yarn is growing on me. I managed to get a surprisingly good photo of the color this morning (and about eleventy-billion terrible ones) before work. I think this will make a good knit to wear to work, where my office is FREEZING. Seriously. They gave me a space heater to use while they run the AC.

Besides that, in the past week I: a). turned 30; b). got a husband; c). went to City Crab for restaurant week (it was terrible!); made an amazing zucchini carpaccio; and d). went to IKEA and managed to come out with NADA (though to be fair, I wasn't going there for anything for myself anyways).

Looking forward to a low-key week and weekend coming up. Hoping to rock out the cardigan quickly, plus another restaurant week reservation at Destino (where Justin Timberlake is a minor owner. Yes, we're dorks). Also searching for a good sock pattern for some patterned Trekking XXL. Not sure if toe-up is the way to go, but I don't want to waste any of the yarn, so maybe I should branch out and try something new...


  1. Happy birthday!!!!

    Your sweater is looking nice... and thanks for sharing the zucchini recipe!

  2. you know, the tweed's primary colors don't stand out as much once knitted up. its nice and subtle

  3. How did I miss this post? Happy VERY belated birthday, youngster!

    The seed stitch with the red tweedy Cascade is wonderful -- I think the cardi is lovely!