Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm back from visiting my parents in North Carolina feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. There was a bit of a rocky start when my plane was cancelled due to thunderstorms on the night of my intended departure. However, I was rescheduled for uber-early the following morning and ended up not losing too much time from my visit.

I was spoiled with so much good food, both cooked at home and out at a few restaurants. I helped a bit in the garden. I picked some blueberries... and was bit by chiggers (not many! But if you've spent some time in humid rural areas I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). My dad showed me how to fire raku pottery (photos to come in the next post). I dorkily documented some of the animals spied in my parents' yard:

Some Animals seen in NC

My mom had heard about a yarn store in Hillsborough, so on Saturday she, my dad, my Oma and I all piled into the car for a mini trip out to go and find it (which was not difficult as it is on one of the main streets). The Hillsborough Yarn Shop is by far the nicest yarn store I've seen in the area. The displays were gorgeous and the staff were extremely helpful in trying to help my mom figure out the name of a ribbon yarn she was searching for (spur-of-the-moment trip and we had forgotten the book -- fyi, it was Jodi and Co.). They had a nice little seating area and it looked like they had a few regulars who just come to sit, knit and talk. I made a purchase:

Cherry Tree Hill - "Wild Berry"

Some sexy Cherry Tree Hill in Wild Berry.

Turns out the Hillsborough Yarn Shop is owned by the mother of two girls I both went to school and did some violin groups with! I have to say, that if I lived closer, this would definitely be my yarn store of choice. My whole family really enjoyed it - my dad and oma were very interested in the ball winder (winding yarn is performance art!). They also have some really interesting-sounding classes. So go there and buy lots of yarn and keep them in business forever and ever, so that they will always be around when I come back home.


  1. Ooh, nice reds and purples! What are you going to make, socks?

  2. It looks like you are enjoying a wonderful time in NC. I will be there next weekend to visit my sister.

    Lovely new yarn :)

  3. What gorgeous yarn! I just moved to raleigh two weeks ago - I'll have to check out that yarn shop!