Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm always hungry

I tend to eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but there are a few things that I just can't deny...

The Big Apple Barbecue led me to really embrace my omnivore-ness. Michelle and I went to the festival last weekend (I'm behind in my posting). We had a map and a gameplan. Unfortunately, or stomachs didn't allow us to sample even a fraction of the different kinds of barbecue from all over the US and we were overstuffed after two of the stands plus a Brunswick stew shared between the two of us. We did get a plate of the pulled pork from Ubon's (Yazoo, Mississippi), and a plate of the brisket from Baker's (Dallas, Texas). The Brunswick Stew was from Proclamation Stew Crew (Lawrenceville, Virginia). All of it was delicious, but the clear winner for both Michelle and I was the brisket. My only regret was not getting to try Mitchell's BBQ from Wilson, NC, which was a favorite with the reviewers. Not to worry, I will definitely be back next year...

Last night I made Otsu for us. A truly delicious cold and spicy soba dish that I found a recipe for on The Amateur Gourmet. The recipe makes a huge amount, and between the two of us, Michelle and I completely annihilated it.


Really a refreshing dish for the hot summer months, and I can see myself making it a million more times this summer.

But not to be outdone by the treats that Michelle brought over:


Cupcakes from Sweet Sweet Sugar Sunshine. Rich and delicious... makes me go into a blissful sugar-coma just thinking of them...


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  1. mmmm...thanks for sharing the otsu recipe- I love soba noodles and am always looking for new dishes to use 'em in.