Friday, March 30, 2007


This week I went to my S'n'B in Brooklyn. This was a special one, as our friend Lisa was invited to come and give us a spinning demo. She brought both her wheel and a few drop spindles, plus some extra fiber for us to try spinning ourselves. I had been anticipating my first spinning attempt, definitely thinking I was going to be the most amazing spinner ever. That I would finally find my one God-given talent. Sadly, that was far from the case. My preconceived notion of how spinning works and how it ACTUALLY works were not aligned, and i couldn't get my head and hands to figure out exactly how to do the drafting portion.

In any case, it was a ton of fun, and there is some talk of us all taking a class over at Brooklyn General at some point. Which I think is a splendid idea because I haven't taken the trip out to Brooklyn to check out this store that I hear nothing but great things about.

Lisa also brought along some of her spun fibers that we could purchase. I got the two skeins below (called "Poodle Skirt") for mere pennies. Lovely stuff:

It's really nice for me to get to know some people into yarn and knitting. I don't have many personal relationships with other knitters, and it's nice to have some people to totally geek out about knitting with. We even knocked around the idea of travelling to Rheinback next fall!


  1. YAY for a fun SnB and knitting with your people! :-)

    You know, spinning was like that for me. I could swear you need three hands to do it correctly! LOL! (I'm still going to try it again though)

  2. Finding a stitch n' bitch has made me a better knitter by 300%! I don't get spinning either - besides, it would take away from my knitting time!

  3. It seems like most people have trouble with spinning when they first start. But don't give up-I'm sure you'll catch on with some practice. That poodle yarn is really one of a kind!