Wednesday, January 03, 2007



Here is Cheesylove, finally finished. I picked this pattern because of the techniques used, which I haven't done before. Both the sweater and the sleeves were knit in the round, so only the sleeves had to be sewn to body of the sweater. This was also my first time doing any colorwork. I'm doubt I will become a big colorwork maven or anything, but at least I now know the basics and find it less intimidating.

I ran out of yarn before the second sleeve and had to order more. All the way through knitting the second sleeve I alternated between the old and new dye lots, and it all looked fine, but under certain light it does indeed look a bit stripey. It actually doesn't bother me that much, though.


This sweater is SO comfortable. I made a good decision by adding extra stitches to the wrist to make them less tapered, especially since I omitted the ruffles (not much of a ruffle girl). This is definitely the first sweater I see myself getting a lot of wear out of.

Project Details
Pattern: Cheesylove from, Winter 2002
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style in Coal, Elan Peruvian Highland Wool in Cedar
Needles: US 7 circulars

Finishing this sweater also brings me to my first knitting resolution of 2007. I need to learn to finish better, and to be more aware of how I am constructing and how the pieces will fit together as I go along. I also would like to work on knitting more consistently, and try not to let weeks go by without doing at least a couple rows. And also to select knitting projects that I am truly excited by, and that I know I will be excited to wear, not just to be challenged by the techniques for the sake of adding to my knitting repertoire.

What's next? I do believe I will cast on for Glee next (I've already swatched for it). I think I will also pick out another winter sweater. Maybe something cable-y and cozy.


  1. This is the first cheesylove I've seen in blogland, and it really suits you. Good job!

  2. Nice job! I love the colors you chose! Glad you got more yarn to finish though! :)

  3. That looks so good, I can't believe it's the first time you did colorwork! It fits you perfectly. Good thing you finished!

    I bought the yarn for this sweater a couple of weeks ago, and it's great to see a FO that inspires!

  4. Awesome sweater, I love the gray hearts!

  5. Your sweater looks great. I have the same one almost finished up, you inspire me to get cracking.

  6. 212love the sweater...
    it's so you!!!

  7. I love your Cheeseylove. :-D

    Whatever finishing issues you had aren't apparent in the photos - you should wear it with pride!