Sunday, December 10, 2006

Powerless but Productive

Faulty heat in our apartment had both me and my roommate running space heaters in our rooms on Friday night. Our electronics-rich apartment wasn't so happy about it and the power went out around 1am. The problem is that we don't have the circuit breaker in our apartment, so we have to call it into our management company. The rest of Friday night was spent shivering in many layers and blankets with dim candle light.

I took the opportunity to start on the Marsan Watchcap from Red Lipstick, but without internet connection to check the pattern, I started winging it. I did a couple inches of straight ribbing, but realized that my yarn selection (Brown Sheep Nature Spun) was making for a rather thin hat. So I plan to frog that and re-start either with another yarn, or by using the same yarn, but double-stranded.

Once I got stuck with that pattern, I moved over to the Cottage Socks from Lion Brand (pictured above). Lucky for me the pattern is on the ballband, so no internet connection necessary! These are knit out of Wool Ease Thick and Quick on US13 needles, which is making for a very cozy, soft fabric that knits up very quickly.

We finally got power back on about 18 hours laterĂ‚–lucky for us, our super fixed up our heat as well, so hopefully we'll be avoiding any more power outages for the rest of the winter.

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