Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i <3 ms

Martha Stewart had a bit on her show today about felted sweater projects - namely mittens. Apparently there is a feature in the holiday magazine this month with a number of projects–stuffed animals, pillows, etc, but there is sooo much stuff on her website that I couldn't find most of them there. Then again, I think the point was to get people to check out the printed magazine anyway.

In showing the possibilities of felting, she did a quick showing of this cool knitting basket, made from a felted fisherman's sweater that I thought was really really pretty, and there is even a tutorial on her website here. Easy!

I really would like to browse around her site some more. There's actually a lot of really cool projects over there. I love how a lot of her craft projects are fairly easy, but there is something so very simple and pretty about them.

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