Monday, October 30, 2006

Socktoberfest Simple Socks

I took a few hours away from work last night to finish up my first pair of socks. They are incredibly comfy, and far from perfect. But I'm happy with them, since my first attempt with socks on two circs (or socks at all, for that matter) was a frustrating failure.

I didn't try to match the stripes, as I originally intended. This is because the first sock ended with about 3" of yarn to spare, so I knew I wouldn't have any extra to lose for the second.

I'm interested in learning different techniques for the heel and toes. I don't know what the alternates are for kitchner stitiching the toes together (my first time with that too). I still have the little bumps on the side even with crossing the stitches on the end of each needle. Also, the heel flap that was given in the pattern is much to long for my own heel and makes the sock ride up in a bit of a funny way. I'd like to learn to do short rows for that, even though I do really like the look of the heel flap anyways. It looks traditional.

Another thing I've learned is to not do a ribbed sock using a self-patterning yarn again. I like the patterning in the stockinette stitch, but I think it looks rather messy with the ribbing.

I'm really looking forward to searching out some more sock yarn and doing another pattern.

Project Details
Pattern: Simple Socks from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles
Yarn: Knitpicks Parade* :: 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
Amount: 137 yards/50 gram ball
Needles: US 2 (2 circular needles)

* looks like Knitpicks is discontinuing this yarn.

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