Friday, October 20, 2006

one down

Feet photos are generally not my favorite, but I'm so happy with my first sock that I have to post a photo of it. And I will post photos of every pair of socks I finish from now on, because I will certainly be doing many more. I'm sooo happy that I enjoyed making this, because I really wanted to like making socks - sock yarn is the BEST. It's just easy to stay interested. I don't love the ribbing with the self-striping yarn, but they will do all right for a first pair. I learned a lot.

I'm going to start its mate this evening. The weather is very fall-ish outside today and cozy wool socks just sound like the best thing ever.

So now i'm preparing, what kind should I try next? Jaywalkers? Hederas? Something else?

I need more sock yarn.

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