Sunday, October 01, 2006

f.o. from a long time ago

Since I haven't had much of my own knitting content recently, I thought I would show a baby sweater I finished a few years ago, but have never put up on this blog. I did this from a sweater pattern on the knitting site, back when I was just getting back into knitting. I had ordered yarn for my first adult-sized pattern and was waiting for it, but itching to knit on something other than a scarf. So i purchased the yarn at Knit-A-Way in Brooklyn. It is Lion Brand Baby Soft, and i believe it is an acrylic/polyamid blend. This is a cute color, with a twist of shine in it. Now looking at the Lion Brand site, I see they have so many other colors that aren't so...... baby-ish.

Funny thing is, I don't know any babies. I don't even really remember how big babies are, and i don't know if this thing will even fit one! Or what age, or if the sleeves might be too short... I just wanted a small and easy sweater pattern. So I will save it in the archives for the first baby I come across that needs a gift from me.

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