Monday, October 30, 2006

Socktoberfest Simple Socks

I took a few hours away from work last night to finish up my first pair of socks. They are incredibly comfy, and far from perfect. But I'm happy with them, since my first attempt with socks on two circs (or socks at all, for that matter) was a frustrating failure.

I didn't try to match the stripes, as I originally intended. This is because the first sock ended with about 3" of yarn to spare, so I knew I wouldn't have any extra to lose for the second.

I'm interested in learning different techniques for the heel and toes. I don't know what the alternates are for kitchner stitiching the toes together (my first time with that too). I still have the little bumps on the side even with crossing the stitches on the end of each needle. Also, the heel flap that was given in the pattern is much to long for my own heel and makes the sock ride up in a bit of a funny way. I'd like to learn to do short rows for that, even though I do really like the look of the heel flap anyways. It looks traditional.

Another thing I've learned is to not do a ribbed sock using a self-patterning yarn again. I like the patterning in the stockinette stitch, but I think it looks rather messy with the ribbing.

I'm really looking forward to searching out some more sock yarn and doing another pattern.

Project Details
Pattern: Simple Socks from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles
Yarn: Knitpicks Parade* :: 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
Amount: 137 yards/50 gram ball
Needles: US 2 (2 circular needles)

* looks like Knitpicks is discontinuing this yarn.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finished Turquoise Tunic

I look awfully angry, but really, I'm just cold and trying not to look confused by my camera. And also trying to figure out if the construction guys who are doing the "Ha Ha!" like Nelson on The Simpsons are doing that to me because I'm fiddling with my camera so much while trying to figure out the timer and then walking back and forth like an idiot.

I finally finished seaming on the sleeve of this sweater this morning. The right arm took me 4 tries to finally get it right and comfortable. I think this came out looking pretty good! I'm still not in love with the color, but I guess it doesn't look too bad. For some reason it just reminds me of the early 90's and I feel like I should be wearing white shorts and some gold jewelry and have a really rockin' tan. My options are to Procion dye it a darker color (like a blue, or something else to interact with the Turquoise to mute it out a bit), or try to put it in a light bleach bath to draw out some of the color (trying on a swatch first, of course). I've never heard of anyone doing that before, though...

I haven't blocked it, but since it is cotton and machine washable, I think I'll just throw it in next time I go to do laundry. I think it will help the look of it a lot to even out the stitches and get it all in order. This took me ages to complete, but to my defense I was extremely sporadic about knitting, with weeks in between picking it up to work on. It is a cotton sweater, so it probably has passed the time I can wear it this year, but it will patiently wait for me until spring.

Project Details

Pattern: Turquoise Tunic from Rebecca 31
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Turquoise
Needles: US 5 / US 7

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

spy cam

I saw this dress while walking on 7th 6th street last night. At first, i thought that all the pieces were knit separately and assembled, but upon looking closely, I found that the sweater pieces were all recycled from other sweaters (there was an Aeropostale emblem on one side of the dress). Also, though you can't see it here, one of the thick green stripes in the center has a seam in it (well-hidden, though).

Anyways, I thought it was supercute so i snapped a photo with my phone. I'm curious though, how the sweater pieces get cut WITHOUT felting them first, and are able to be seamed without unraveling? Topstitiching just inside the line before cutting? Any ideas?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

added to the list...

... is this dress over at craftster. Complete with a tutorial. After I make one I'm going to go find this girl and steal her cowboy boots.

Just kidding of course, but I do love them and wish they were mine :)

At least I can do something about the dress...

Friday, October 20, 2006

one down

Feet photos are generally not my favorite, but I'm so happy with my first sock that I have to post a photo of it. And I will post photos of every pair of socks I finish from now on, because I will certainly be doing many more. I'm sooo happy that I enjoyed making this, because I really wanted to like making socks - sock yarn is the BEST. It's just easy to stay interested. I don't love the ribbing with the self-striping yarn, but they will do all right for a first pair. I learned a lot.

I'm going to start its mate this evening. The weather is very fall-ish outside today and cozy wool socks just sound like the best thing ever.

So now i'm preparing, what kind should I try next? Jaywalkers? Hederas? Something else?

I need more sock yarn.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

i'm a joiner

So I realized this morning that my first pair happens to come at the same time as Socktoberfest. I tend to not pay a lot of attention to the knitalongs unless it's for a particular pattern that I'm crazy about, and even at that I don't really tend to join. But it hasn't taken long for me to see that I will be jumping on the sock bandwagon full force.

Anyone who wants to join can also check out LollyKnitting Around for signup instructions.

My first foray into socks so far is going really well. I came home from a party last night and picked up the sock I started yesterday and knit for about an hour. I love that I can see progress right away, and that it moves along fairly quickly. I am almost at the heel already, after only a couple of hours.

But for now I am putting away the knitting and getting down to the real work. I'm trying to get ahead. Or at least stay afloat. More on that later, though.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

project update

One sleeve left to seam to the body of the sweater - soooo close, but I've tried it on and I think I'm going to really like this one.

Just started a couple of rows on a pair of ribbed socks from Cat Bordhi's book. I tried these a few months ago using two circs - one was gimpy and i was frustrated with the join. So now I've replaced the sad circ with a new #2 from Knit Picks (I really like these and plan to order more whenever it becomes necessary) and have re-started. Not having gone very far, I do think it's safe to say that this attempt is going MUCH better. I hope I take to making socks, but I'm not really feeling the love yet.
We shall see.

Monday, October 09, 2006

it's 3:30am...

... and i've got sleeves!
all i have left is the seaming.

but not tonight.

because now
i'm going to


Sunday, October 08, 2006

crafting resources, nyc

Way back in May, Liesl Gibson over at Distressed posted an awesome list of crafting resources in NYC. A great list of fabric, notions, knitting shops in the city. I think I will keep this as a quick link over there on the sidebar --->

Sunday, October 01, 2006

f.o. from a long time ago

Since I haven't had much of my own knitting content recently, I thought I would show a baby sweater I finished a few years ago, but have never put up on this blog. I did this from a sweater pattern on the knitting site, back when I was just getting back into knitting. I had ordered yarn for my first adult-sized pattern and was waiting for it, but itching to knit on something other than a scarf. So i purchased the yarn at Knit-A-Way in Brooklyn. It is Lion Brand Baby Soft, and i believe it is an acrylic/polyamid blend. This is a cute color, with a twist of shine in it. Now looking at the Lion Brand site, I see they have so many other colors that aren't so...... baby-ish.

Funny thing is, I don't know any babies. I don't even really remember how big babies are, and i don't know if this thing will even fit one! Or what age, or if the sleeves might be too short... I just wanted a small and easy sweater pattern. So I will save it in the archives for the first baby I come across that needs a gift from me.

sleeve island

I'm so entirely stuck on sleeve island, it isn't even funny. I feel like I've been working on them forever, and they are the only thing standing in between me and a completed Turquoise Tunic. Gah. Baby steps... I wish I was one of those knitters who could have multiple knitting projects going, but I have enough projects going on in life filling my head that I can only manage one knitterly thing at a time. I'm about halfway up, but I expect it will take me at least a month to get that all done. It's high up on the goal list.

I've been stagnant on my knitting for a good reason, though. I've recently quit my full time job, and am trying to get set up as a freelance graphic designer. Smart people would probably done some background work while still employed, or at least saved up enough capitol to live off of while they get started. But not smartypants me! Oh no.

Things are not so bleak. It's all a good move for me, but it does hold a lot of stress, and a lot of work, and I have a hard time doing anything but research and job searching until I know I'm able to both eat and pay rent in the same month. I know it will all work out, but the future just looks a little fuzzy right now. It's all a part of developing to a new, and hopefully better, stage of life.

Good things ahead.