Thursday, August 31, 2006

dreaming of forward motion

It's awfully frustrating to want to do some knitting work and not really having any time to fit it in. The past week has been one of the busiest I've had recently. And no, of course it's not all work-related. I just have so many damn talented friends that I have to go to their STUFF all the time! I'm kidding. I'm so happy to support them as much as I can, and in turn they help inspire me to work real hard at my STUFF too.

The other thing keeping me from the knitty goodness is that I'm starting to make some significant changes - mostly finding a new job. Sometimes I can just be chugging along day by day, and allofasudden I realize that I need a change. That too much time has gone by and I haven't made any major steps forward. A frustration and discord just starts to build until I pretty much blow my lid and make a sudden decision. But it's a necessary realization, because getting to such a point is the best way I'm able to make progress. It's just how I'm wired.

I would love to be in constant forward like some of my friends who I'm convinced must run on Enegizer batteries or nuclear power or candy corns. I think I'm more like Mario in the Donkey Kong days, waiting in place, jumping over barrels, until the perfect moment to climb up to the next plateau.

(okok, I know there's gotta be a better metaphor than that, but it's all I can come up with right now. I'll keep thinking about it...promise.)

Don't get me wrong. Things are going quite well, they're just BUSY! But I have managed to get a couple of my freelance projects wrapped up, which feels great. Now it is on to doing some design work for my portfolio, which is in major need of an overhaul, and has to be done FAST.

Anyways, the point of this mostly is to say that I'm TRYING to get some time in there for working on my sleeves for my lovely Turquoise Tunic - but it may just take a little bit of time to get any significant progress on it. Got some work on the sleeves done at last Friday's SnB, but it's barely made a dent. Arms are long! Oh well, wasn't it a creek that made the Grand Canyon?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I got my package

And here is what was inside.

The purple on the left is the Andean Treasure for Glee. It's baby alpaca and is so soft. I love it. I really do. I can't wait to work with it.

The middle row are just a set of regular Wool of the Andes that I got because they are just $1.99 and I wanted some color and who doesn't need more wool? In the same way that I like Color Aid paper, I like to place the hanks in differnet sequences and combinations

The upper right is a skein of Swiss Superwash and it is also incredibly soft. I should have stocked up on some more of those instead of the WOTA.

I also got a #2 32" circular in the hopes of trying magic loop. I'm not sure that the cord will be long enough for that, though. It seems like 40" is the norm. But it sounds like people get by with the 32". I'm surprised, though, that Knitpicks doesn't offer a longer cord for the smaller diameter needles - but with the rate that their business is increasing, I wouldn't be suprised to see them fairly soon.

I also saw today that Hello Yarn is offering acid dye kits, with everything you need to learn to dye fiber. This is the perfect solution for someone just starting out. All the mixing cups and eyedroppers and instructions. All you need of your own is white vinegar. I'm toying with the idea of getting one of these to do some varigated red yarn to possibly attempt the Stitch Diva Knitted Bodice. The Tilli Tomas yarn required, though incredibly beautiful, is awfully expensive. I'm keeping my eyes on the KAL to see the results people come out with - which will be lovely, no doubt.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

new arrival

It is very torturous to have a yarn order delivered to your office and not be able to do anything with it except look...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thinking ahead for once...

I'm getting ready for my next project, and bought this pattern from Zephyr Style: It is called Glee, I love how slim and proper-but-slightly-saucy it is. I ordered the Andean Treasure that the pattern calls for from Knitpicks in an amethyst color. There is no way I'll have this ready while it is still warm enough to wear, especially with #5 needles (eek!) but I think it will be a good mindless knit, and will come out as something I'll want to wear a lot. These ladies as Zephyr style definitely have a great style for their knits - I'm going to keep my eyes on them, that's for sure.

I took the Knitpicks order to be a good opportunity to buy a pair of their new needles (#2) so I can try socks again, but this time trying to learn Magic Loop. I have a self-patterning yarn, so I'm going to try to find a simple stitch sock pattern. I'm sure I archived one somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it.

Here are some of the other options I was considering to knit up next...

1. Jemima - by Anna Raitte
2. Simple Knitted Bodice - by Stefanie Japel (Glampyre)
3. Rusted Root - Zephyr Style

In other news, I went to the record release show for this last night. Sooo good, and totally worth suffering throughout the broken air conditioning at the Knitting Factory!

Click on the album to check the Damnwells.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

mmm, snacks

I have a passing interest in new and interesting-flavored snack chips. Today my thoughtful co-worker dropped these by my desk (forgive the crappy picture, all I have is my cell phone). But these are Dodekai Babystar cajun-flavored noodle snacks. Very interesting - chili powder-ish and the noodles are similar to the crackers you get with soup from the chinese restraunt. I love their little cartoon mascot with the sombrero and bolero.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

yay for progress

I was stalled on fixing my decrease errors with the Turquoise Tunic for ages now. Something about ripping back on parts with partial lace just was so unappealing and I wasn't ever in the state of mind to tackle it. Little did I know the solution was much more simple than I thought. So tonight I've managed to rip back, fix the decreases, finish off both the front and back of the tunic, graft the shoulder seams, and weave in all the ends. Now all I have left are the sleees, which I will knit at the same time, and then the rest of the seaming.

Oh and the overdying. I'm not sure what color to add to get the effect I want. I guess I haven't pinpointed exactly what I want. All I know is the turquoise from Knit Picks isn't my favorite. I want to dull out the color a little bit - i don't know if adding some black would work, or perhaps some red to gear it towards more of a brownish color? I'll have to knit up some swatches and try out some stuff.

Here's some info on dying cotton on the knittyboard.

Now it's time to tackle my archive and decide what to knit next. Something for fall? Winter? Still enough time to do something for summer? An accessory?

Monday, August 14, 2006

re-introducing lekkercraft

I've completely remodeled my blog in an attempt to re-organize and re-motivate - in craft, but something I really need to do in life as well. I have a lot of work on self to do, and many changes to make, habits that need breaking and things I want and need to accomplish. I'm frustrated in this current cycle I'm in. I think that ultimately, for the way i want to live my life, it means my leaving nyc. It's a fantastic city, and I'm not leaving quite yet, but there are a lot of things that are important to me that I just can't get here.

I do love this city. I mean, how can you not love a place where you get a view like this?

This is from my rooftop. It was much prettier before they raised that building under construction about a week ago, though.