Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hooray - an actual finished project! I've had the knitting finished for a couple of months now, but Flora was just waiting on some buttons to hold herself together. Just in time for summer, heh.

Yesterday I ran up to M&J over my lunchbreak (impatiently trying to weave through slow and clueless crowds of people and getting stuck at every single red light, of course). I selected two buttons, and the total for my purchase was $10 (Serously? I thought buttons were supposed to be, like, $0.35...). But, for what it's worth, M&J does have a really good selection of buttons, and most styles of buttons come in multiple sizes, colors, etc. You can buy just the amount you need - very good for special projects. And they have online ordering.

Flora was knit using under 1 skein of Manos (yum) on size 10 needles. It is the perfect size, and the decoration at the edges is just enough to keep interest in between the stockinette portions. The flower was fun to make too, and was really neat to see how it came together. The twisted stitch for the middle bits look neat, but it drove me nuts having to stop and pull and twist and loop. But new techniques are fun to learn - I never would have thought of it on my own.

And now that she IS finished, she'll be put away for a few months until it is fall again. And I'm still not 100% sure on this button (yes, even after all that, but it's too green-y). Most likely I won't go through the trouble of searching for something to replace it, but I'll keep my eyes out for something that works better.


  1. Looks great. I love manos so very much!

  2. Pretty! I really like the color and the button,