Monday, May 08, 2006

office diy

Last week it was my task to create some artwork for the office at my 9-6 real-person job. The project had been on my radar for months, but had taken a backseat to the other things I’ve been working on recently. We were expecting an important visitor to the office it was time to revisit and hustle to get it done. We didn’t have really have a budget to splurge on purchased artwork, so I ended up doing everything in-house: capturing some video stills from the reels of some companies we’ve worked with, resizing to make them uniform, measuring, and laying out onto letter-sized paper.

The board consists of 93 sheets of heavy paper, printed from the Phaser (j’adore!) and simply taped to the wall. I wanted to buy mats to frame each sheet, but upwards of 100 artwork mats isn’t cheap. Solution? Floral ribbon—our office is right near the wholesale flower district, and 200 yards of black floral ribbon is <$10. Tack it up and it looks just like a frame, and actually I think it unifies the entire wall even better than the mats would since it masks all of the seams. This is a great, inexpensive way to add some art and color to a wall, and I’m thinking of doing a panel for my apartment, just using a bulletin board as the backing and some postcards. Plus, I’d never feel stuck with it – it’s easy to switch out the artwork if I get bored or finicky (which I will)!

Also, check out decor8 for another inexpensive way to display postcards (Isn’t Holly's Lotta Jansdotter postcard collection amazing?!).

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