Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Project Status
I'm up to the beginning couple of rows of lace on the Turquoise Tunic. Lace is fun, I've never tried it before. Is that real lace, or is it just lace-ish?

I'm thinking the sweater is looking good, I'm liking my stitches, and i believe the size is going to work. I swatched and swatched for this sweater, for the first time ever, as I've taken a personal vow to be mindful and careful and not rush to finish a project just for the sake of finishing it. I have three sweaters that are ready to be frogged to reclaim the yarn for other projects!

The sock I was complaining about was frogged, and I'm not sure i'll be revisiting it anytime soon. Although I may try again with a simpler pattern—I think I'm not much of a fan of how self-striping yarn looks in 2x2 rib. Anyways, its not on my priority list right now....

I had to look up her name, but yesterday saw one of the contestants from the old America's Next Top Model. Apparently it was April from the Second Season (or "Cycle 2" according to UPN).

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